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Fact & Fiction
Writer, curator and art dealer Kenny Schachter deciphers fact from fiction in the art world

Few bits and bobs from Seoul


They have a thing for phones the size of giant chocolate bars, and wash their hands leaving bathrooms and entering museums, many of which are owned by Samsung, along with just about everything else in this city. The contemporary space Leeum is a combination of the family name of Samsung’s founder, “Lee” and the shortened word for museum, “um”. Clever huh? And rhymes with museum to boot. It also happens to house a stunning, elegant collection of 12th century Korean ceramics, the perfect Twombly scrawl and a knock-out pair of Richter’s including the holy grail: a double candle.

Ps: The Leeum is comprised of three incredible discrete yet connected designs by Mario Botta, Rem Koolhaus and Jean Nouvel

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