Jeffrey Deitch, take exile in London!


They said he wouldn't succeed and he didn't. but they (LA arts community) certainly made it more difficult for him. Hat's off for trying! He was always viewed circumspectly, as if there was contempt for a New York outsider-upstart. Kind of like old school Biggie vs. Tupac. He should take exile in London.

Who said art has no utility?


i shamefully admit to the following unintended use. who said art has no utility? don't tell anthony.

ANTHONY CARO (as valet)
Born 1924
Kenner, 1965 (Made for a trade with Kenneth Noland, hence the title)
Painted steel
24 x 44 inches, 61 x 111.8 cm

Jay-Z Baby

Jay-Z (with Sean «P.Diddy» Combs), photo: dpa
Jay-Z (with Sean «P.Diddy» Combs), photo: dpa

Pace is the place for art’s  
celebrity arms race

Turning up today is Jay-Z and band
with plenty of fawning art stars in hand

like self absorbed kids
playing in sand

No matter your chops
nothing will stop

the gallery from showing you
the art world blowing you

There is Franco the blank-o
entrenched in the stable
Isn’t it sad he’s not really able

But who cares he’s cute and well known
So in the gallery there’s always a home

Here’s a nod to worshipping false gods
Adultery, idolatry let’s go on a shopping spree

Whose next I can only guess
Kanye, Kim, Mary-Kate and Ashley

We are the collective fantastic sycophantic
Transatlantic, pedantic full of shit and antic

Here is a warning that is needed to be heeded
Let us not forget, who remembers Famous Amos

You can’t have your cake and your cookies too
Can’t we rate artists that are good at what they do


The Inherent Power of Art

Belgian-born commodities trader Marc Rich. The founder of Swiss giant Glencore Xstrata died of a stroke aged 78 (photo: dpa)
Belgian-born commodities trader Marc Rich. The founder of Swiss giant Glencore Xstrata died of a stroke aged 78 (photo: dpa)

My father-in-law died last week. When he liked you, you could do no wrong, when he didn’t, you could do no right. Thankfully I fell on right side of equation. I never met someone who celebrated the accomplishments of others in such a heartfelt manner to the extent it touched and inspired.

He deeply believed in the inherent power of art on every level, and as soon as he could (afford to live with it) he did. He always said to think big, and though it’s a work in progress, he is behind much in me and many others.

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