Sharks and Oligarchs

Now I wish you all please / A sound night of (Jay) zzzz (photo: dpa)
Now I wish you all please / A sound night of (Jay) zzzz (photo: dpa)

They call the players flippers
For selling quicker and quicker

It’s the art market in twenty fourteen
A game in which everyone’s keen

From the -stans to Iran and beyond
There’s no better returns to be found 
With so much cash swooshing around

Will it correct it’s anyone’s bet
But certainly not just yet

The regulation stands nearly at nil 
If it’s too much there’s always a pill 

But with the Chinese taking
Plenty of Bacon

And Picassos, Ferrari and Gold
All of them are worthy to hold

Some artists are asses but 
When also asset classes
You learn to give them free passes

There’s Hirst and Koons and Ai Weiwei
With factories churning out art every day

But $427,100,000 last year
Is what they paid for Warhol, my dear

Biennials, auctions and fairs 
Sharks and oligarchs travel with airs. 

Go go Gagosian leader of the space race
Dealer with the fast pace
Man with a stony face

Hoarding nuts like an acquisitive squirrel
With no need for a house like an earl 

For there are private museums
The new collector mausoleums 
That everyone must have and how

With name dropping running amok
You encounter many a schmuck

It's a chichi game of glam and fame 

Franco, Gaga, Kanye and Hova
When they jump onboard it’s probably over

So stick to your day jobs and avoid the fashion
Which got in the way and blocked out the passion

Now I wish you all please 
A sound night of (Jay) zzzz

Bed, Bath & Beyond: Polke & Richter in London


 “I remember how close this friendship was, but also how tough it sometimes was. I didn’t realize it at the time. For us it was just the natural way of dealing with each other. In retrospect, I’m amazed it was so brutal. All of us were very unsure of ourselves, and each tried to cover this up in his own way. I can only say that that’s the way it was. Polke drifted away into the psychedelic direction and I into the classical.” Gerhard Richter: A Life in Painting, By Dietmar Elger, page 103-4.

Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke were close in the early stages of their careers, in the late 1960s. Jesting photographs show them in bed and in bath together. They collaborated on texts, like Polke’s invented interview of Richter in 1964(Thwaites interview); exhibitions, such as “polke/richter: richter/polke, ’66,” at Galerie h in Hanover; and prints, like Hotel Diana (1967) and Conversions (1968). Their paths, both personally and professionally, diverged, and by the time they hit their respective strides, they could not have been more dissimilar in their approach to art-making. They are responsible for some of the most extraordinary and covetable artworks ever created.  ... weiterlesen

The unknown Porsche Carrera RSH

Porsche 2.7 Carrera RSH (1972)
Porsche 2.7 Carrera RSH (1972)

Written by Johnny Tipler

The girls from the Cambridge University rowing club, here on Putney Embankment for a dawn race down the Thames, lower their boat into the water. Lean and slender, their eight’s shell is constructed from carbon fibre, and is the lightest, fleetest vessel of its kind. We landlubbers are also here with a racer that’s equally spartan: a 2.7-litre Carrera RSH.  ... weiterlesen

Art Teachers


Received this Facebook message today from a childhood friend: "Kenny I saw your name in NY Mag (article about Sotheby's in present issue) and thought of you. Funniest thing I have such a vivid memory of the art teacher at PS No. 1 School, Lawrence, NY (4th or 5th grade?) Ms. Woodrow yelling at you because you were doing a bad job on an art assignment. It always stuck with me. In fact, an art teacher at my daughter's school was so mean to her that I went after her big time and basically made her humiliate herself in front of the whole school bc she reminded me of Ms. W. She should only see you now! "

To which I replied: "So funny, thankfully i have no recollection of that or much else (at our age). But i do remember my creative writing teacher in university telling me i couldn't, and shoudln't write and I now I teach contemporary art and contribute to the NY Observer, GQ and have written for a handful of books. So there you go, let your daughter know it's a good experience to have to brush aside such asinine, unproductive criticisms and follow your dreams."

I thought they licensed teachers to teach, not to undermine?


Few bits and bobs from Seoul


They have a thing for phones the size of giant chocolate bars, and wash their hands leaving bathrooms and entering museums, many of which are owned by Samsung, along with just about everything else in this city. The contemporary space Leeum is a combination of the family name of Samsung’s founder, “Lee” and the shortened word for museum, “um”. Clever huh? And rhymes with museum to boot. It also happens to house a stunning, elegant collection of 12th century Korean ceramics, the perfect Twombly scrawl and a knock-out pair of Richter’s including the holy grail: a double candle.

Ps: The Leeum is comprised of three incredible discrete yet connected designs by Mario Botta, Rem Koolhaus and Jean Nouvel

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