Go Zaha, proudly and loudly. An accomplished, forceful woman is seen as a shrill and difficult rather than a success. That female architects have not only fewer positions, but are also paid significantly less than their male counterparts is unfair and unfortunate.

It’s not altogether different in the art world, though there are certainly more opportunities on offer to female artists than ever before, yet, like their architectural equivalents, they are far from attaining price parity in the marketplace. With a high profile artist such as Georg Baselitz pounding his chest like an orangutan and going on record to the effect there are no female artists good enough to warrant high prices, it is sad, shocking, but not surprising that the world can still be so small minded.    ... weiterlesen

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"Die Kunstwelt ist wie eine Mafia, es gibt ein ungeschriebenes Gesetz des Stillschweigens", sagt Kenny Schachter. Auf seinem Monopol-Blog bringt der britische Kunsthändler Licht ins Dunkle und macht die Mechanismen des Marktes transparent. In englischer Sprache