G-O-D, I’m a Believer: Kolumba in Cologne

Kruzifix aus dem Rheinland der 2. Hälfte 12. Jahrhunderts, zu sehen im Kolumba
Kruzifix aus dem Rheinland der 2. Hälfte 12. Jahrhunderts, zu sehen im Kolumba

I am not one for religion (or politics, much) and even less for art and religion. Worse than drinking and driving, Sonny and Cher, art and money, blah blah, but there is always an incongruity and here we have it in the extreme—the Kolumba (diocesan) museum in Cologne. Curated and administered under the auspices of the church, yes that church, they have one hell of an inspiring (kick ass even) Paul Thek collection (see pictures here). Brave for MoMA NY, but way beyond even their scope and foresight, this was a revelation, a moment of sheer joy, glory and pontification (shoot me) not on god or a deity (that too) but on the profane reach and possibility of art to effect us, and touch something even deeper.

I realize how cheesy I sound and I apologize. Paul Thek cements the very moment between life and death, the hair-thin line between being alive and the alternative. He sees past our everyday plight and blight and looks at the planet from another vantage point, literally, and philosophically. Thek was a poet, painter, sculptor, and creator of all things strange, wonderful, meaningful and beguiling. His body of work was a hodgepodge of epic proportions, sadly, sadly for the artist himself, it was no easy life or career, cut short by an untimely death from AIDS in 1988 at 53 when whole communities were wiped.   ... weiterlesen

Art Cologne - a premature call


In 2009 I wrote about the death of the Cologne Art Fair, having served on the selection committee for 2 years prior, but it was a premature call. It’s still a great place to see art without the usual European and American art mongering suspects breathing down your neck. I’m not so sure I can say the same about the Armory, though I am sitting in my London garage rather than walking the aisles. Last year, it definitely had the stench of decay about it, but I hope as it dangles between sold and old, it finds new life. The US cannot afford to lose a second coming of the Revolutionary War (this time to Frieze). 

THE TELEGRAPH BLOG, January 2009  COLOGNE ART FAIR, AN OBITUARY    ... weiterlesen

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