Polke Dance: In New York (Part 2)

Kenny Schachter wearing Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s Phantom (2015) at the New Museum.
Kenny Schachter wearing Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s Phantom (2015) at the New Museum.

On my second day in New York the snow was so heavy that I feared I would be forced to spend a terrifying night at the museum with “Surround Audience,” the New Museum’s just-opened triennial. Forget Ben Stiller and dinosaurs, I would be trapped with a bunch of insouciant kids under the influence of way too much screen time.

I found myself at the New Museum because my collector pals hated the Armory Show so much that they were ready to trash their VIP passes. I offered to take these off their hands, remembering that the passes get you into New York’s museums for free.  ... weiterlesen

Tilda’s Box


I don't get the Tilda-Swinton-sleeping-in-a-box thing at MoMA, NY. Well, I do but its depressing. Why give away valuable museum real estate to a non-artist? Anyway, James Franco has that territory well sewn up. Wasn't Tilda's box (office) a Cornelia Parker piece from 1996 now being repackaged as a Tilda original? Can someone please pour in some formaldehyde? Where is Damien when you need him?  

Makes you want to be a social engagement practitioner with a bullhorn, shouting: wake up! And get out! Sorry tough day. Bowie is cool, who Tilda collaborates with, yes, and he’s working with Tony Oursler on music videos very au courant but the whole V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) for a one man fashion show? Where's my megaphone? Bow(ie) out!    ... weiterlesen

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