Today’s World of Clandestine Finance


I will never forget in the 1990s art world a non-familiar NY Times journo coyly posed as a major new collector seeking the biggest possible discounts available to prove that art prices were fluid and dependent on the significance and social standing of the person standing in front of something.

Little has changed in that regard; but, what has transformed since is the scale of the sums involved for art, discounted or not. The money has grown so exponentially that no one blinks an eye to a blind offshore shell company transaction of any size from any potential punter.   ... weiterlesen

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"Die Kunstwelt ist wie eine Mafia, es gibt ein ungeschriebenes Gesetz des Stillschweigens", sagt Kenny Schachter. Auf seinem Monopol-Blog bringt der britische Kunsthändler Licht ins Dunkle und macht die Mechanismen des Marktes transparent. In englischer Sprache