Art Cologne - a premature call


In 2009 I wrote about the death of the Cologne Art Fair, having served on the selection committee for 2 years prior, but it was a premature call. It’s still a great place to see art without the usual European and American art mongering suspects breathing down your neck. I’m not so sure I can say the same about the Armory, though I am sitting in my London garage rather than walking the aisles. Last year, it definitely had the stench of decay about it, but I hope as it dangles between sold and old, it finds new life. The US cannot afford to lose a second coming of the Revolutionary War (this time to Frieze). 

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"Die Kunstwelt ist wie eine Mafia, es gibt ein ungeschriebenes Gesetz des Stillschweigens", sagt Kenny Schachter. Auf seinem Monopol-Blog bringt der britische Kunsthändler Licht ins Dunkle und macht die Mechanismen des Marktes transparent. In englischer Sprache