so many great invites, why go out?


not so sure about fate of trees with advent of international gallery expansion and two inch thick cardstock. who will invent the greenvite?

frankenthaler at gagosian meets bowie at victoria and albert; ruscha's books at gogo, and zwirner's kusama representation (poached from gogo) announcement; and the recently deceased alan uglow, a craggly friend, organized by bob nickas at zwirner and neil jenny at gogo. is he still alive?

re the galleries, there is certainly a lot of z & g 2 c. but maybe that's beause they are among the few who can still afford to send out hard copies  ... weiterlesen

RB Kitaj: an obsession with revenge


I’ve heard of critics accused of being pedantic, obtuse, aggrandizing, ineffectual but murderous? The Tate War of 1994-Imagine the stakes having been so high, so recently.  RB Kitaj: an obsession with revenge: The painter RB Kitaj was known for his brilliant draughtsmanship and fierce intelligence. Until the 'Tate war' of 1994, that is, when critics savaged him as 'pseudo intellectual'. Will the first retrospective since his 2007 suicide finally rehabilitate him?

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"Die Kunstwelt ist wie eine Mafia, es gibt ein ungeschriebenes Gesetz des Stillschweigens", sagt Kenny Schachter. Auf seinem Monopol-Blog bringt der britische Kunsthändler Licht ins Dunkle und macht die Mechanismen des Marktes transparent. In englischer Sprache