New York Art Lobotomy (rough draft)


Fairs have come to take up such a signficant portion of how I view art that it can get confusing, though I admit that I prefer them to the far-flung, geographically diffuse galleries and auction houses at home in London.

One of the main reasons I took this trip to New York was to meet a prospective client, who recently—prior to having ever purchased a piece of contemporary art—decided to open a museum. But, just before takeoff, he called to cancel. Welcome to my world, where you are always at the behest of the wanton and capricious. And so it was once again at the second edition of Frieze New York. Here is a diary of my whirlwind four-day trip.  ... weiterlesen

At the TEFAF: More Museum Than Bazaar


At the ripe old age of 47, come April, is Art Cologne, the world’s oldest fair of 20th- and 21st-century fine art. Art Basel, the market-leading event, turns 43 in June. The youngster, at 38, the European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in Maastricht, the Netherlands, shows the oldest art but has an ever-increasing presence of contemporary. TEFAF is also the world’s longest-running fair: March 15th-24th—three days more than the norm.

The recently completed Armory Show (b.1994) in New York is hanging on for dear life even as’s Louise Blouin contemplates (or, negotiates) its purchase, with the New York editions of super-supercilious Frieze Art Fair (b. 2003 in London) chomping at its heels (May will be the second New York iteration of Frieze). Welcome to the international art fair wars.  ... weiterlesen

Tefaf Maastricht

i can understand the flowers, but not the sculpture they were meant to be a reaction to
i can understand the flowers, but not the sculpture they were meant to be a reaction to

Excerpt for upcoming piece on maastricht fair for (they should change their name, no offence)

It's impossible to gauge sales at fairs, art is an unusual business where multi-million dollar deals are communicated by whispers. Nothing more need be done to cement a deal. Until the invoice comes that is. But even then, as far as clients who chose to renege, there is no recourse as no signed contract, hence also un-chartable is how many people in fact walk from such agreements after the event. Its happened to me and if you are in art, it's happened to you, no matter from which side of the aisle you hail.

and i forgot to mention art dealers lie on every occasion they can, another reason post fair reports are highly inaccurate.

Off to Maastricht


Off I go to the races, the art fair races — not Armory obvious, hanging on for dear life in a sad state of stasis, but Maastricht in the Netherlands. From old masters to old contemporary, they cover it all in finely carpeted aisles that are actually named after the haughtiest streets from Paris, London and New York. Really. I will cover the coming affairs seeking to determine the role contemporary art plays as the more traditional fare becomes too rare (to get a hold of), for

Why did Larry G. flee, only to jump back into the sea (sorry), and give it another go? Can a staid, predominantly old master undertaking (previously in need of an undertaker) be sexy…in addition to fancy? Though they typically mark the success of the fair by the jets in the parking lot, caviar tins in the trash and champagne corks popped, Miami is on a whole other level of luxury and degradation ( But watch out, even the old master Koons himself will grace the proceedings with his presence and an example of a new series of dancer sculptures.

Art Cologne - a premature call


In 2009 I wrote about the death of the Cologne Art Fair, having served on the selection committee for 2 years prior, but it was a premature call. It’s still a great place to see art without the usual European and American art mongering suspects breathing down your neck. I’m not so sure I can say the same about the Armory, though I am sitting in my London garage rather than walking the aisles. Last year, it definitely had the stench of decay about it, but I hope as it dangles between sold and old, it finds new life. The US cannot afford to lose a second coming of the Revolutionary War (this time to Frieze). 

THE TELEGRAPH BLOG, January 2009  COLOGNE ART FAIR, AN OBITUARY    ... weiterlesen

Forget Frieze and the like, there’s a red-hot new art fair opening on Mars!


Art Mars 2013, sponsored by Virgin Galactic Bank, is the most exciting new art fair to launch in at least a decade. See 129 of the world’s leading galleries from 30 countries and galaxies showing thousands of artworks on another planet. Whether your interest is painting, sculpture, photography, prints and editions or cosmological multimedia, this is a great place to uncover and buy great art and discover a new astral location in the process. With prices ranging from $100 to $500,000,000, there really is something to suit everyone. Book now on Virgin Galactic.  It’s a celestial feast and out of this world! Tax-free planetary jurisdiction applies, freeport coming soon!

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