Copyright-on! Or rather, Copy Write-Off!


On appeal, Richard Prince won the right to rip off Patrick Cariou with impunity (i.e. for free), though some 5 of the 30 images were remanded back to district court to determine if they constituted fair use; they must have been particularly super blatant if 25 works unanimously sailed through. In celebration of meta-appropriation maybe Jerry can initiate a fair re-use of Prince’s nurse paintings competition and sale. As the inimitable Georgina Adam titled her new column referring to a Turkish vase, Iznik Great!

From FT: “Prince’s images, except for those we discuss separately below, have a different character, give Cariou’s photographs a new expression, and employ new aesthetics with creative and communicative results distinct from Cariou’s” – that is, the paintings make “fair use” of his photographs."

And they are also perversely expensive and attract moguls and celebs, which the court noted for some odd reason in it's opinion. And not so surprising how the judges were seduced by money and celebs like everyone else. Pathetic, really. Don't see why the artist couldn't pay a reasonable fee to the f-ing guy who did the work he made millions from, the logic seems so patently simple and obvious. Arrogance: It's a noun, an offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride. Overbearing Prince. Now the (bastardized) works are worth even more - with the backstory - so they are all high-fiving at Lever House, in New York (owned by Aby Rosen, another Prince-ster).

To be devils adovcate, with the widespread accessibility of images on net, why not make it one nihilistic free for all? Otherwise it could hamper the art trade and its dearth of new ideas. There are certainly enough pre existing images already out there to justifty the end of the need/desire to create any more.



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