"You Definitely Need To See This Work In Person": At Art Basel in Miami Beach

© Art Basel
© Art Basel

For weeks I’d been telling myself, and anyone who would listen, that I was going to skip the 2014 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. It had been a busy fall. October’s Frieze London fair is at least on my home turf, but then there were whirlwind trips to Paris, for FIAC, and New York, for the auctions. I couldn’t be bothered with yet another fair, especially one so notoriously party-centric. In the end, though, I was reminded of Adam Lindemann’s rallying cry in the pages of The New York Observer back in 2011. “I’m not going to Art Basel Miami Beach this year,” he wrote. “I’m through with it, basta.” But he ended up going. And so did I.

In Miami, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. There’s the usual cast of characters, now chock-a-block with celebrities and complete with Deep Pockets, my source for art-market secrets, as well as a relatively new acquaintance, the drug-dealing art advisor I met in New York during auction week, who weighed in with some pre-fair recommendations of his own. Everyone is fueled by fear of missing out and everything is set to a throbbing soundtrack.  ... weiterlesen

On The Way To Miami


Was stuck on plane to Miami with the entire London art world, would have made for a nice headline had we gone down. A scary bunch indeed, like 300 worms intertwined under a rock. There were museum heads, auction house exec.s and dealers galore. One fearsome female gallerist was clad in fatigues from head to toe like an art militia.

The lady next to me coughed for the entire duration of the flight, I requested to move (to no avail) and considered donning a hospital mask –I went as far as asking. For some fresh air, I had to wait for an auction specialist to fall asleep before I could make a rap with the renowned collector sitting next to him. Not an auspicious start to the trip.

After nearly 9.5 hours, the flight stretched longer than anticipated, I was beginning to hope for a mechanical malfunction. Not to mention the door wouldn’t open after we landed because it was not aligned properly with the gate—turns out was a case of bad parking. Reassuring.

Funny how I was writing a auction house article sitting amongst the very protagonists, at one point I even had to physically obscure my screen. It's being edited now.



Returning from school run I saw a partial car license plate with the word: ART. As I crumpled a business card and readied to launch it across the lane, the remainder of the registration came into view: H8. How funny is that: H8 ART? And just in time for this from the NY Times: “THE BUZZ: At Art Basel Miami Beach, Squeezing Art Out of the Picture.” Maybe there should be a fair with no art next. Even I am cutting it down to 3 days this year.

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